Hawaiian Alea Salt

$ 6.95

Black Hawaiian salt is an exotic, all-natural sea salt made of activated charcoal from the shells of coconuts and pure, clean sea salt from the Pacific Ocean. Rich in salinity and jet-black in color, the crunchy grains are a dramatic and sultry way to finish a variety of dishes in any type of cuisine. Hiwa Kai can replace your everyday table salt or dress up a family-sized roast with its shiny black grains. Beautiful and delicious in snack mixes, roasted nuts, BBQ sauces and rubs, Hiwa Kai is a versatile artisanal salt that belongs in every kitchen. Great as a finishing salt, but also a powerful enhancer to salads, vegetables and meat dishes. Coars Grain Hawaiian Alea is best suited for refilling salt grinders and mills. 
Pure Black Hawaiian Salt