White Peach, Aged Balsamic Vinegar

$ 29.95

 The fresh and sweet taste of ripe peaches blends in a harmonious manner with our world class balsamic vinegar. Our 25 star base white balsamic is made with Trebbiano grape must and undergoes the coking and barrel aging process similar to that of our dark balsamic; however they are not caramelized and as such retain the white color. This process results in a crisp vinegar with just a hint of sweetness. Our peach infusion creates one of the most versatile and adaptable combinations in our pantry. 

Apply this balsamic to any sweet or savory dish - grab a bottle of our Sweet Heat Spice Blend for a fantastic Meat Rub, or try it with our Smoked Hickory Sea Salt as a sweet and smokey finish to your backyard barbecue fare!