Black Truffle, Ultra Premium - Olive Oil

$ 39.95

CherryHills Market uses the most sought after Italian Black Truffle for our application. This truffle is a late fall and early winter truffle and bears the most earthy and robust flavor of it's kind. We utilize a method similar to "tea steeping" which allows the ripe truffles to steep in the ultra premium olive adding that rich and earthly flavor that we've all grown to endure. We are strict about our processes and certainly do not use any types of artificial flavoring, extracts or chemicals. The production is all natural and yeilds the prize winning product that we are proud to market. 

The possibilities are endless! It's Truffle Oil for heaven sakes! Put it on potatoes, drizzle it over french fires, salads or add a dash to a rustic stew or soup! It makes sauces pop and it can become your secret ingredient in your grilled meats and veggies! A little goes a long way, so use sparingly!